Which style of magic is appropriate for my party?

Strolling magic is appropriate when guests are mingling. They are often seated waiting for dinner or appetizers. Or they are standing enjoying cocktails. The magician approaches small groups and offers to perform right in front of them. Close-up magic can be performed during similar times, but the magician has a performance area. The guests come to him. Close-up may also be performed as a formal show for seated guest, but usually for smaller audiences. Parlor magic is performed as a show for seated or standing guests, and can be performed for larger audiences. Quite often, I will start with strolling magic, then perform a close-up or parlor show later on. Tell me about your event, and I will explain what performance style will work the best.

My party is at my house, do I have to reorganize all my furniture?

Not necessarily. It is usually easier to adapt my performance style to the surroundings. But if you really want a particular type of show, we might have to move a few pieces of furniture.

How do you relate to your audience?

I keep my magic respectful. I'm not the kind of person to embarrass people or put them on the spot. If a volunteer says something funny, I will play along and have fun with them. When I approach a group of people, I always ask their permission before performing.

Can you do something special to honor one of my guests?

I’m glad to, with enough preparation time.

What are "light" DJ duties?

When I DJ a party--without performing magic--I am constantly evaluating the music being played, watching the crowd's response to the music, and preparing for the next few important moments, such as a first dance or cake cutting. I have to decide what music should be played next, and how to work in requests. I am checking the schedule and adjusting the timeline when needed. By performing "light" DJ duties, I will keep music playing, but my focus in on performing magic. Music will mostly be pre-programmed based on the styles of music you requested, but I won't actively manage the music being played. By having a sound system up and running, I can still play songs such as a birthday song when the lit cake comes out; the microphones can be used for announcements and speeches; and the music can enhance my show.

Do you use fire or smoke effects?

No. They can be used quite safely and can be quite entertaining, but I chose styles of magic that do not require those effects.

What are Uplights?

Uplighting is a style of decorative lighting where colored lights are placed on the ground, shining up a wall or column. Uplighitng is an elegant lighting effect best suited for semi-formal and formal events, but is also fun for more casual events. A wide variety of colors are available.